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{ Necklace } 





Includes   A Necklace

* Only SACC002N, SACC003N, SACC004N options are sell.

Order & Payment period   2021.09.23 (11:00 KOR) ~ 2021.10.05(11:00 KOR)

The estimated Shipment Date   2021.12.28 (60 Business days)

The length of the necklace

SACC002N, SACC003N : 11cm ~ Maximum 15.5cm
SACC004N : 13cm ~ Maximum 17.5cm

* The measured length may have some errors due to individual differences in the chain.







Skin   Milktea Rose / Powder Beige / Powder Beige

Body   HD65boy Attractive / HD65boy Attractive / HD70

Wig   Parfait Cut 03




[SACC002N, SACC003N, SACC004N] 

Head   SEHAN

Skin    Milktea Rose

Body   HD70boy Attractive

Wig     To be released, Clarinet Cut(customized)

Outfit   OBSIDIAN(HD70boy Attractive size)





· Natural stones were used as some decorations. 
Due to the characteristics of the material, there may be color differences within the same color, so please refer to it when purchasing.

· If it is inevitably difficult to supply and demand the same subsidiary materials, they may be changed to similar materials as much as possible.


· The accessory design may be changed depending on the supply and demand of the materials.


· For other customers who would like to purchase, please think twice before placing in the order.


· We can not change the options after the order, So please make sure that you have selected correct size and color before placing in the order.


· Color shown on your monitor may be slightly different from the real product depending on your monitor settings.


· Product update time may vary +/-5 seconds depending on the system. 


· When overwhelming amount of orders are being placed in at same time, there may be systematic error in the site.


· If an order goes through due to the system error, such order will be cancelled without notice. We ask for your understandings.


· Payment must be completed in payment period.


· Outstanding orders are automatically canceled.





1. All orders are shipped through EMS. If you have request regarding the customs, please let us know in the 'etc' section. (ex: Please mark my package as gift and value at $80) Unless there is special request from customer, all packages will be marked with true value.
However, if the package is marked with value lower than its true value due to customer's request and has been damaged or lost, there may be differences in value and the period for compensation. Please check our exchange and refund policy before you make the decision.
2. Pre-order items are generally shipped within 55 business days from the date order is received. However, it may be delayed 5-10 business days depending on our manufacturing facility condition or other matters. SWITCH tries to bring you the item as quick as possible and we ask for your understanding.
Items those are not pre-ordered will be shipped within 1-2 business days after the payment has been made.
3. Please inquire through the QnA board or 1:1 care regarding combined shipping.
4. Please contact us within 7 days of receiving the order regarding the exchange of defected products. We destroy the molds for limited pre-order items after certain period and due to this reason exchange may not be available if it has been too long since your purchase. Therefore if there you find any flaws or defects, please contact us immediately. Shipping for service or exchange for defected products are paid by SWITCH.
1. Due to the nature of pre-ordered items, refund is not available unless the item is defective.
2. If you request refund for your defective item, descriptive explanation will be very helpful for giving you quick response and confirmation of defect. If you find any flaws or defects, please send us a photo so we can confirm. Any fees occured through process of refund will be paid by SWITCH.
3. In case of refund due to the defective item, our refund policy does not extend to include any psychological damages.
4. Refund will be made only after the defective item is received by our company. We ask for your understanding.
5. In case of refund for defective item, any accessories or items included in the original package must be returned. If any original item is missing or lost its value, we may not be able to give you full refund.
6. If item is damaged by customer's fault, it can not be refunded. (ex: Customer has dropped and the item has broken or damaged) If item was damaged while shipping, refund will be made under the EMS compensation policy. However, if customer has requested to mark the value of item under its true value, under the EMS compensation policy, you will be compensated with how much ever value you requested to mark and there may be differences in the value and period for refund. Please contact us first regarding this matter.
7. Refund will be made to the same matter of payment you have ordered with. If you ordered with credit card, your payment will be cancelled. If you paid with PayPal, it will be refunded through PayPal. We can not send money to PayPal account different from the account you used to pay with.
Order Cancellation message
Due to the nature of pre-order itmes, we can not refund you.