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Title About Exchange & Return / Combining Order / Holding
Posted by SWITCH (ip:)
  • Date 2021-03-15
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For return, exchange or control service for defective product, you must contact us within 7 days of arrival.
Return postage for defective product will be paid by us.
If the product is damgaed by your mishandling, return nor exchange will be available.

Following cases are not considered as defective as it is inevitable flaws originated from our manufacturing process.
These products are not eligible for exchange or control service:

1. Impressions of sanding caused while removing the gates.
2. Additional impressions of esthetics caused while removing the residues.
3. Showing of fine dusts or bubbles EXCEPT on the face.
4. Light filtering through thin parts (especially around eyes) and/or showing of magnets.
5. Small amount of residue of urethane.
6. Detached head plates or magnets caused while transporting.

Our company follow a strict guideline for finishing up the product and also has very high quality standards.
If you have any other questions, please inquire through the QNA board or 1:1 care center available on our website.



1. Please keep in mind when you request the combined shipping

  • Combined shipping is available for two or more orders.
    If you would like us to combine your orders, please leave us a note on the board.
  • When we combine the order, all your order will be sent when all the items in your order are ready to ship.
  • If you combine pre-ordered items and regular items, please keep in mind that all orders will be sent when the pre-order item is ready.
  • Please leave the order numbers of orders you would like to combine.
    If not, we can not give you the final shipping fee.
  • SWITCH's shipping fee is determined by the order's weight. As your order's total weight increases, there may be extra shipping fee added.
  • When there are lots of request for combined shipping, there may be a delay in process of determining final shipping fee. We ask for your understandings.
    * Your order will be shipped within 2 to 3 days from payment.
  • You can only combine orders placed under same name. Combining orders of different customers is not available.
    We ask for your understandings.
  • Also, when you combine your order, the total price of your orders will be marked on the package and you may have to pay the custom fee.
  • Regarding the SWITCH's shipping policy, please refer to the Delivery System's clause 1 and Return & Exchange's clause 6 on the product detail page.


2. If you like to combine your orders for shipping, please leave a note on the board as following

  • If you want to combine shipping, please fill out the below form and submit through the board.
    1. (Legal) Name :
    2. SWITCH ID :
    3. E-mail address registered with SWITCH :
    4. Order numbers for combining :
    (ex) 2011022211111MC + 20110222333311MC Total of 2 orders

  • If you submit the form, we will write a reply with final total amount for payment.
    After you make the payment, please let us know again so we can confirm.




Holding from shipment 

1) Holding the shipment under special circumstances.

  • Under special circumstances, we can hold your order for you.
    (ex) Ship after the customer has returned from a summer vacation.

2) Holding for combined shipping

  • After you made the purchase and it is near SWITCH's new-release date, we can hold your order for you.
    However, it is only allowed when the release date of item you wish to purchase is close.

  • We can not hold your order to combine shipping with items which does not have set release date.

    Holding your order made in Feb. for new item to be relaesed in Feb. (o)
    Holding your order to be shipped out on specific date due to special circumstances. (o)
    Holding your order so it can be combined with Hahwa which will be released one day down the line. (x)



Please read carefully as your order will be automatically canceled in following cases.

1) If you made a note of item in the order form:

  • When you are ordering item A and wrote "Please send B along with it" in the comment form,
    and have made payment for both A and B without SWITCH's consence,
    amount for B will be refunded and will not be sent as it is not accepted as order.

2) If you asked for combined shipping in the order form:

  • After you have made two orders, A and B, and did not follow the combined shipping form
    your order A and B will NOT be sent together.

For more efficient work, we need your cooperation.

There is no way to sell sold-out items unless they are re-released, even if you make payment for it, we can not accept it as order.

Please carefully read the notice before you submit such orders.
Thank you for your cooperation.


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