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Title Regarding the compensation for damaged goods process
Posted by SWITCH (ip:)
  • Date 2021-07-09
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Regarding the compensation for damaged goods process.

 We are here to let you guide through the steps in process for compensating for your order that has been damaged during transit.
Please refer to this guide when necessary.

When you receive your order and examine, please follow next steps: 

1. Please take a PHOTO of box as you have received it.
(With the original outer box and after the outer box has been removed.)

2. Please take a PHOTO of the damaged item.
(When parts of body are damaged, please try to take the picture in natural light for us to make it easier to match the rest of the body)

Please file for compensation at your post office.
If your order arrived damaged, you must make the request within 1-2 days of receiving.
If you take long to make the request, the amount of compensation post office can do may decrease
and you may not be able to receive fair compensation.

(ex) If you file the claim after 1 week of receiving, they might say that the damage is at your fault.
In this case, you can not file the claim for compensation.

If you do not file claim, we can not proceed with any form of compensation.
(USA : DAMAGE REPORT-PS FORM 2856 / Other Country : FORM CN24)

 4. After filing, please leave us the claim number and pictures on our board.
It take a while from filing of claim to actual compensation to be made and as soon as we confirm that the claim has been filed,
we can start preparing for the replacement order.

If you have no problem with claim, you will receive new item (or exchanged or service) without any additional fee.
However, if Post office declines your claim and decides that you were at fault with the damage,
there will be no refund and any exchange or service will have to be made with additional fee.

 When we ship our products, we use a lots of protective shipping items to prevent damage.
Some protective items like bubble wraps are very strong and if you force to remove with your hand,
you may damage the small parts like hand parts that are contained within.
When removing the wrap around hand parts, please carefully cut with small scissors and peel off instead of pulling it out.

We try our best to for safe shipping and quick response for any incidents related to shipping.

Thank You.

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