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Title What is " Monthly System" ?(2021.07.09 Edited)
Posted by SWITCH (ip:)
  • Date 2021-07-12
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Greetings from SWITCH !

First of all, thank you for the interest you showed on the Monthly System first introduced in 2013.

- 1st to 5th on each month (11:00 KOR)

※ When there is a change to schedule, we will notify our customers through notice post.


1st to 5th on each month (11:00 KOR)

   ※ Orders not completed or paid after the due date will be cancelled and refunded.
   ※ Please follow the order and payment period.


- Period limited order method
  (Monthly System items are generally shipped within 60 business days from the date order is received.)

- Product options to choose from that are guided. (Color / Separate Parts / Body Painting)


- Bodies are not available for combined shipping due to shipping security.
  So, in case of applying 2 bodies on current "Monthly System", please do the paying process one by one.
  If you wish to combine shipping, please contact us via the 1:1 care center.

- Manufacturing for all the orders will start on the 6th of the month.
  Expected shipping date may be early or delayed under different circumstances.

- Humming Dolly bodies are made to fit the heads' size and color released from SWITCH
  and we can not answer to the questions on the compatibility with other companies' heads.

- Body parts follow the same quality control standards as heads.
  Please refer to the manufacturing flaw section in the product description page before you place the order.
  (Not subjected for refund or exchange)

- It is our company policy that you can not modify the order form after it has been placed.
   If you made a mistake or want to cancel wrong order, please inquire through 1:1 care center.
  After the order is successfully cancelled, you can order again within the order period.
  However, when the order period has closed, you can NOT modify, cancel or re-order under any circumstances.
  (Please refer to the order and cancel section on the notice)

- We do NOT take layaway through PayPal.
   If you only make partial payment, your order will be automatically cancelled and refunded.

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