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Title About SWITCH's Copyrights:
Posted by SWITCH (ip:)
  • Date 2021-07-12
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Greetings from SWITCH ! 


1. SWITCH fully authorizes any person to use SWITCH dolls in photographs as part of publications or other printed materials
    that concern Ball Jointed Doll, provided that said usage is for non-commercial purposes. 
    We, however, ask that you place the following copyright notice at the bottom of your photographs:




2.  In connection with any commercial publications, you must seek our prior consent. 

     Please reach out to SWITCH to speak with us; it's our standard policy that we permit use of our dolls in in the field of

    at no cost. 


3. For use of our dolls in publications that are unrelated to , you must seek our prior approval regardless of

    commercial (or non-commercial) nature of the intended use.

   We retain the rights to deny any use of our dolls, including in the instance where there is likely potential damage to the image

   or identity of our dolls or the use of our dolls is intended in entirely unrelated fields.  


Thank you!

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