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Title Guideline for first time SWITCH customers! (2021.7.13 Edited)
Posted by SWITCH (ip:)
  • Date 2021-07-13
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'My Page's order status updates frequently after you order from the SWITCH web!
We have prepared this guideline to explain each status and to provide you with better shopping experience.
Here goes the 'My order has NO problem- Guideline' !


  • When registering, please use ENGLISH only.

  • When you use special characters, Chinese letters, or space, it may cause error. Please only use ALPHABETS.

  • Read the description of the item you want to purchase carefully.
    (Number of item limited to 1 person, expected shipping date, characteristic of the item, and etc...)

  • Check and re-check your e-mail address!
     If your e-mail is not typed in correctly, you will not be benefitting from our automated status update alert e-mail.
    When you are modifying your personal information through my page, please confirm your e-mail.

    - Customers with gmail account may not receive our e-mails with files attached due to the enhanced security setting.
    Please check your account setting for this matter. 

    - SWITCH will continue to update any e-mail accounts which may cause problem in receiving our alert e-mails
    so please check back.



  • When ordering, please make sure you are not ordering more than permitted number.

    When someone else makes the payment before you do, you may not be able to purchase the item even if it is in your shopping bag.
    (This is not error.)

  • Fill out the 'Order Comments' section.
    (Without any request, items will be shipped out with its original price marked on the custom form.

    When you request to lower the marked value of your order to avoid customs, SWITCH is not responsible for the lost or damaged item.
    Please read the shipping guideline located under each item's desciptions before your submit your request.

    We are only responsible for the refund of amount marked in case of lost package.
    We are not responsible for re-creating or replacing of your order and can not give you full refund in this case.

    If you request us to mark lower price to avoid problems at customs, you have to tell us the desired value.
    (ex) Please mark the price lower. (X)  
    Please mark it as $30. (O)

    When you request to mark lower value, the refundable value when the package gets lost or damaged will be lowered as well.
    SWITCH is not responsible for any additional refunds on the packages with low marked value.

    Even when you request to mark lower value, the invoice included in the box will have the original price on.
    If you want us not to include the invoice, you must let us know as well.

    (ex) Mark the lowest value possible. (X)
    Do not include invoice. Mark as gift. Mark the value as $30. (O)

    When tracking your package with the given tracking number, you can only check from your postal service when the package is scanned at
    your postal service after they receive it from your airport. For more information on EMS service and its shipping service,
    please refer to each country's EMS service.

 1. Awaiting Payment
Your order has been submitted without any problems.
(Order received- e-mail is sent)

 2. Preparing Shipment
Your payment has been made. (payment received - e-mail is sent)

 3. Awaiting Shipment
Usually this message shows a day before or in the morning of shipping date.
We are printing the order page for shipping.

 4. In Transit
EMS has collected your order and we have sent you the tracking number.
(Shipping confirmation and tracking number e-mail is sent)
In case of EMS service, unless it is stopped at the customs, you should receive your order within 1 week.
If you did not receive your order in this time period, please contact SWITCH immediately.

 5. Delivered
The shipment has been sent.

***Order cancelled***

For any reason, or at your request, your order has been cancelled.
(Order cancellation e-mail is sent)

Most of the status update of orders are done manually.

Therefore when there are too many orders, update may take 2-3 days.

Order received If you see this message, your order has been submitted with no problem so please check back in 2-3 days for the payment confirmation message. (unelss there was error with system)

When we receive extra questions regarding the payment confirmation after payment is made, it delays all the other business.

It takes maximum of 2-3 days confirm the payment so meanwhile, please sit back and relax! When there IS problem with your order, SWITCH will contact you first so you don't have to worry unless you hear from us! :)

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