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Title SWITCH Release Skin Guide (Rosy White / Powder Beige / Milktea Rose / Mocha Brown)
Posted by SWITCH (ip:)
  • Date 2022-04-27
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 SWITCH sells a total of four skin colors, Rosy White / Powder Beige / Milktea Rose / Mocha Brown.

 The skin of the new release head, which is released irregularly, is decided in consideration of the original atmosphere, release schedule, and other factors.

 And the monthly product can be purchased at any time by choosing between Rosy White / Powder Beige / Milktea Rose skin.

 Mocha Brown Skin's body varies in brightness depending on individual and time of manufacture.

 If you buy the head and body at other times, the color may vary.

 Therefore, Mocha Brown Skin Head is the only order available as an option or body.

 Please check the link below for precautions for Milktea rose / Mocha brown skin.

Warning regarding the MOCHA BROWN/MILKTEA ROSE Skin :


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