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Title [Release Notice]{SOHWA},{YIDO:masquerade},{Kalettes Cut},{HD65boy Poika body},{OBSESS},{[HD70 Attractive boy body] Mocha Brow
Posted by (ip:)
  • Date 2024-06-10
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Greetings from SWITCH.

{SOWHA},{YIDO:masquerade},{Kalettes Cut},{HD65boy Poika body},

{OBSESS},{[HD70 Attractive boy body] Mocha Brown&Mercury}  sale will begin.

Period : 2024.6.12 (11:00AM KST) ~ 2024.6.26 (11:00AM KST)

SOHWA : https://from-switch.com/product/sohwa/270/

YIDO:masquerade: https://from-switch.com/product/yidomasquerade/494/

Kalettes Cut: https://from-switch.com/product/kalettes-cut/616/

HD65boy Poika body: https://from-switch.com/product/humming-dolly-65boy-poika-body/365/

OBSESS: https://from-switch.com/product/obsess/254/

[HD70 Attractive boy body] Mocha Brown&Mercury

: https://from-switch.com/product/hd70-attractive-boy-bodymocha-brownmercury-gray/523/

*Due to exchange rate is fluctuating sharply, we've adjusted the selling price temporarily.

Price may vary depending on the exchange rate in the future re-release.

Please check the detail on the item page.

Thank you all for your interests! :)

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